Picking tips

Picking Tips

In order to get the most out of your Strawberry picking time we have the following suggestions.

Dress appropriately for the weather.  Wear sun screen and a hat or rain gear as the sky dictates.  Straw helps keep the mud to a minimum but the strawberries are grown in a field and you may get dirty.

Move the leaves to find all the hidden strawberries

Pick the ripe berries.  With strawberries, size doesn’t matter but colour does.  Choose firm red or dark red berries. Unripe berries may change color after harvest but they don’t mature or sweeten any more.

Leave the “hull” on the strawberry.  The hull is the little tuft of leaves right on the top of strawberry that helps the berry stay firm and fresh.  Wash your berry, then take the hull off just before you eat.

Stay on your row.  Though sometimes the “grass seems greener” or the strawberries more plentiful on another row, it is important our staff knows which rows have or have not been recently picked.

Fill your baskets.  Please not so much that berries fall to the ground.

Be gentle with the fruit as strawberries can bruise. Try not to toss the fruit into the baskets.   Do not transfer fruit to other containers.  It is not a good idea to press the berries down in your basket or pick into a very deep container.